Saturday, November 5, 2011

Forties Glamour

One of the biggest trends of Fall 2011 is the romantic forties trend; a fully dressed affair of fur, shrugs, pearls, gloves and a slim belts. In order to channel an era I think its interesting to have some background knowledge of that time period.

 In the 1940's women were asked to do a lot, and working for the war effort took a toll. But Hollywood glamour was in, and women who were earning their first paychecks were shopping, dressing elegantly, and using cosmetics inspired by movie stars. Part of the rationale was that the nation's women couldn't afford to look frumpy in a time of war; the other reason for spending so much time and effort on one's appearance was to stay somewhat positive and optimistic. "Putting a brave face on" was more than an interior process: wearing makeup and nice clothes was a statement of self-worth and confidence. Silk stockings disappeared when silk was used for parachutes and other wartime items, and women drew lines up the backs of their legs with eyebrow pencils to simulate stocking seams. 

So whether you decide to channel the forties this Fall why not take a note from Coco Chanel with her wise words: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!” 

Some photos to inspire:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ready for Fall

Though the sun is still beating down hot as ever, my mind has already begun to wander into dreams of Fall fashion. I'm ready to switch out my wardrobe for soft corduroy shorts, heavy knit sweaters, printed tights, and supple leather boots. My favorite season is right around the corner and I simply can't wait to start dressing for it! There are so many things to love about Fall:
Getting back to the books.
 Beautiful Autumn leaves.
Cuffed tweed pants, a must for Fall!
Cable knit sweaters paired with corduroy shorts, the perfect transition outfit into cooler weather. 

 Falling cherry blossoms.
 The beautiful colors of Fall in the trees, not to mention the perfect time to go Auburn!
Cross body satchels, oversized scarfs, layering with tights.
 Leopard incorporated into an outfit, adding a retro touch.
 Mixing up summer blouses into your fall wardrobe with high-rise skinny jeans and bright wedges.

Early Fall Favorites:
Patent-edged Satchel, $119.95
Sweeping Stitches Pullover, $98 

Herringbone Boots, $258

 Wide-Wale Roll-Ups, $68

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rodney Smith

I recently stumbled across the photography work of Rodney Smith, I absolutely love how he creates worlds whose logic is his own. He's definitely old school with a twist. Rodney Smith's photography is like the perfect romance, a cinderella ball, like Audrey Hepburn meets Victorian decadence and Rene Magritte, its like a Parissiene dream. I would love to fill our home with Rodney Smith prints, and fall asleep dreaming of kisses on cab roofs. Perfect concepts, perfect models, and perfect pictures. I love Rodney Smith's photography. I also love that Rodney is said to still watch nothing but movies made before 1947. 


Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall 2011 Color Trend

"She comes in colors everywhere; 
She combs her hair 
She's like a rainbow 
Coming colors in the air 
Oh, everywhere 
She comes in colors"

Take a note from the Rolling Stones hit "She's a Rainbow" for fashion this season because this Fall is all about color! Fall fashion is full of new and unexpected pairings, new evolutions on  trends and fun, exciting new colors and prints. The Fall runways picked up where spring stopped and sent a riot of color. Reds and greens add a contemporary edge to classic camels while vivid primary and secondary pops break up black and brighten warm autumnal shades. 
 A bright maxi skirt paired with platform heels will lengthen your entire body and create a slender and tall silhouette.
 Try mixing in stripes with brights for a fun, classic look.
 Leopard is going to be one of Fall's biggest must-haves! Incorporate into your accessories with handbags, heels, skinny belts, etc.
 My favorite new trend of the season....colored denim!! I am absolutely in love with the AG Stevie Ankle in Kelly Green. Loving this trend but not sure how to pull it off? Try pairing your denim brights with a neutral colored top to balance out the color. However don't feel limited to only neutral shades, color-blocking, stripes, and small prints also work wonderfully with colored denim.

 Bright, vibrant heels are an easy way to brighten up an outfit and draw attention to your outfit. 
It actually is easy being green. My favorite color of the season! From vibrant kelly green to deep emerald, its the perfect way to brighten up any neutral winter tone. Try mixing in pops of green with skirts, heels, jeans, clutches, etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Country Wedding

There's something so wonderfully charming about a country wedding. Since countryside promotes ease and relaxation, they are perfect venues for a laid back wedding with lots of charm. For an outdoor event, you can make a picnic covering tables with traditional country checkered tablecloths or quilts. You can also use candles to light up the place if the event will be held at night. Vibrant flowers such as lilacs, dahlias, or sunflowers would be lovely to decorate tables, perhaps filling your old mason jars. 

Photography: Tec Petaja