Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Country Wedding

There's something so wonderfully charming about a country wedding. Since countryside promotes ease and relaxation, they are perfect venues for a laid back wedding with lots of charm. For an outdoor event, you can make a picnic covering tables with traditional country checkered tablecloths or quilts. You can also use candles to light up the place if the event will be held at night. Vibrant flowers such as lilacs, dahlias, or sunflowers would be lovely to decorate tables, perhaps filling your old mason jars. 

Photography: Tec Petaja

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Honeymoon Attire

There is nothing I love more than a vacation! Joe and I have our honeymoon coming up this Summer, however he will not tell me where we are going! I contemplated packing for every possible temperature for a while however I decided that I would instead stick with packing for a warm climate with fingers crossed that I will be right. I figure I can always do a little shopping where ever we arrive if the weather is cooler than expected. 

I absolutely love planning out a myriad of different outfits and imagining how I can mix and match them to ensure I'll be able to fit everything into my carry-on and not have to check two extra bags! I plan on packing pretty light and sticking to the bare essentials as I didn't want to tote much around - a few pairs of sandals, a big beach tote, shorts and tees, several sundresses, a few long necklaces and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. This is all I need to be comfortable for lounging on the beach, going out at night and everything in between.

Below is a peek at what would be at the top of my list. 
What are your packing essentials?

 A cute summer hat, my Raybans, and hopefully a six pack!
An extra scarf, some versatile shorts, a cute one shoulder top.
My beloved Feed Bag, this large burlap bag reads "FEED the Children of the World" on one side and "1" on the reverse, indicating that each bag will provide one child in Africa school lunch for an entire year.
Something to keep my hair manageable at the pool..
 An array of lightweight Summer clothing I can mix and match with soft pastels, warm corals, strappy sandals, etc.
The evening maxi dress, something for going out in style. I love wearing long pale dresses rather than little black dresses while on vacation because they show off tan skin beautifully. 
 The daytime swimsuit, something bright and eye catching for lounging at the pool.
The evening suit, for a late night swim or to cover up a sunburn if I get toasted in the sun the first day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Steven Alan Spring 2011

Steven Alan's Spring 2011 lookbook is full of lovely pieces. His easy, breezy, carefree looks are exactly what my closet needs right now. With sunny days right around the corner I find myself dreaming about warm days at the lake, riding bicycles with flower-filled baskets, and gauzy, soft summer clothes drying in the sun. Here is a peek at Steven Alan's Spring lookbook, where each outfit fulfills my summer dreams. Do any of these outfits catch your eye?
Perfect for wearing to the local street market or taking a stroll around town.
 Ideal for a casual date, vacation, or a day of shopping with the girls.
The perfect outfit for gardening, biking to a coffee shop, seeking out adventure.
This outfit will take you anywhere, from the beach to the movies, with comfort and style combined.
A new take on little black dress, this navy dress is perfect for a date night or dining out with the girls.
A smart, chic, and sophisticated look for walking around campus or the perfect outfit to wear at the airport if you're heading out of town.
This outfit is smart, trendy, and sporty with the perfect amount of layering for biking around town or taking a stroll on a warm summer evening.