Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedding Cake Ideas

June 24th is approaching more quickly than I had expected, only 4 months until the wedding now! Lately I've been pondering wedding cake styles and debating on what type of cake would be the tastiest, most elegant choice. I've never tried fondant but I've heard it has a strange taste, however creates the smoothest texture for decorating a cake. Buttercream on the other hand is delicious but can look a bit messy. Have you tried fondant frosting? Let me know what you think!

I love fabric inspired look of this cake. A stamp was used to press the fondant and then highly pigmented yellow food dye was painted onto the blossoms. So bright and fun!

Here is the buttercream cake! It looks tasty but also a bit messy, hmmmm tough decisions!

This cake is lovely but perhaps a bit too simple for my taste. I love the pearls that wrap around each layer but it needs more texture!

This is my favorite out of all of these cakes! Love the coral pink flowers and the lace inspired fondant on the 2nd layer!

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