Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Inspires You?

My work recently posted an inspiration board in the employee lounge and asked us to bring photos of things that inspire us. I decided this photo really brought out "my Idaho roots"and reminded me of where I come from.  Idaho is where I grew up and went to school, and looking back its incredible to see how much it has changed over the years.  Boise especially has recreated itself with the ever growing "Bodo"(Boise Downtown) shopping area which has a very contemporary feel with great restaurants and authentic retail stores. There is the always the occasional tumbleweed that will end up under your car when driving through the foothills, however who knows maybe in a few years Boise fashionistas will start imitating Vogue looks and start sporting them in their hair. So that is my inspiration, but what inspires you? 

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